Complaints & Content Removal Policy

This document sets out our complaints policy. If you are a User of one of Complaints & Content Removal Policy -'s sites, this Complaints Policy forms part of your agreement with us.
Who we are and how to contact us
Complaints & Content Removal Policy - operated by KB Productions LLC, a Nevada, USA company.
In this Complaints Policy, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users. In addition, the term "business days" means any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in the USA.
Who can use this Complaints Policy?
Whether or not you are a User of one of Complaints & Content Removal Policy -'s sites , you can use this Complaints Policy to alert us to any complaint you have relating to the site
How to make a complaint
If you have a complaint (including any complaint about content appearing on one of Complaints & Content Removal Policy -'s sites or the conduct of a User), please send your complaint to, including your name, address, contact details, a description of your complaint, and, if your complaint relates to content, the URL for the content to which your complaint relates.
How we will deal with complaints of illegal or non-consensual Content
Following receipt of your complaint of illegal or non-consensual content under section 5 above: Any dispute regarding our determination that content is non-consensual will be submitted by us to a neutral arbitration association at our expense.
How we will deal with complaints related to copyright infringement
Complaints related to copyright infringement must be submitted in accordance with our DMCA Policy, and we will respond to copyright infringement complaints as set out in such policy.
How we will deal with other complaints
Following receipt of other complaints (including complaints related to other breaches of our Acceptable Use Policy) under section 5 above: Unjustified or abusive complaints: If you are a User of one of Complaints & Content Removal Policy -'s sites, you warrant (which means you make a legally enforceable promise) that you will not make any complaint under this Complaints Policy, which is wholly unjustified, abusive, or made in bad faith. If we determine that you have breached this warranty, we may suspend or terminate your "user account."